About Us

We reimagine the way the world
learns for the better

Education is at the heart of our humanity. We would not have been able to reach this point in civilisation without the sacrifiices of those below us, and we will continue to strive for the advancement of our collective future.

Words from our founder

Read about the ways in which we are dedicated to turning the educational norms upside-down to improve the lives of young generations everywhere in the world.

Our philosophy
We have developed our materials and tutors to take full advantage of the creativity of the Western-style education, and the rigor of the East. We’re not stopping there. We also plan to share our robust resources with the institutions across the world: power in unity.
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Quality is our pursuit
We understand the challenges the current generation face when searching for the best: students are not sure where they can find the top tutoring, and tutoring centres may struggle to convince customers of their quality. We’re here to bridge the information gap and help both sides.
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Our Leadership

Find out more about our governance structure, and the team that dares to challenge the existing pillars of education.

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To work with us, we will need to get to know you more to understand how to assist you the best we can. Below is guidance on how to help us help you.